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Game on!

Well, this is not my first go at keeping a blog, but I’m gonna do it this time!

I just responded to an entry that referred to Senator McCain as a pedophile for his ad distorting Senator Obama’s advocacy of teaching kids how to know the difference between good tuch and bad touch. If you haven’t seen the ad yet here it is:

I wrote in response to this entry the following:

I think Obama is going to have to respond a little more forcefully on
this one. A little outrage is warranted here. I know he’s a cool
customer and he’s probably saving the haymakers for the debates but
that statement his “spokesperson” released, albeit strong, was a little
on the “I won’t let you drag me down to your level” tip and in this
Cultural War that he simply can’t pretend is not WELL underway, that
won’t cut it. The Republicans are desperate and coming at him with the
kitchen sink in anticipation of being floored during the debates. He
can’t come out of the debates having just pulled it back up to even.
he’s gotta (at least I think, and I’m no Axelrod by any stretch of the
imagination) have a substantial lead come October to pull this thing
I just wanted to give you a full throated response. I think calling
McCain a pedophile (if Obama did it I mean) would be just about an
appropriate response to that sordid ad but it would kill him in the
culture war. Karl Rove and companyare just too good at what they do and
are clearly trying to bait him into the kind of politics they thrive
in! He’s shown the patience of (Job? Not too up on my bible references)
or Ghandi (comparatively and now is not the time to lose it. He’s going
to have to continue to be what he said today the Bush Administration
should be: Tough but smart!

Comments are welcomed! (I think)

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