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What’s BO up to?

Of course he knew that people would draw comparisons between the use of lipstick on a pit bull and lipstick on a pig. So I gotta think he meant to get this attention so he could call out the McCain campaign on their cynicism. How wise this is? I can’t say. I know the Karl Rove Machine is good at this stuff…in fact, great at this stuff! So, he either has decided to take them on and out flank them somehow, or he has found a blind spot in their tactics, or he has an ace up his sleeve that he expects will trump the Joker I’m sure they have up theirs, or he’s been manipulated into playing their game and doesn’t realize it (the true genius of Rove) or…fuck I don’t know. I’ve never been good at Chess. I’m more of a Space Invaders kind of guy.

I’m afraid to think that he has placed his faith in the good sense of the American People because well…y’all know why. If he has, God help him. Or, rather, people help him, cuz if Sarah’s right, God is busy guiding our troops to this as yet to be defined victory in Iraq.

I just had a thought: Maybe this is a ploy on his part to actually get the media (aside from Keith and Rachel) to stand up to Republican terrorism tactics and actually say something negative about the type of campaign  Republicans are running. Maybe he’s trying to coerce and /or inspire the media to say “Enough!!” too. I mean after what I saw in that Oreilly interview (Oreilly actually appeared to be impressed and, dare I say, charmed and/or engaging), hell has not only ice cubes but ski resorts and slushies for all.

peace and love (-:

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