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So, is this the turning point?

I can’t recall if the media ever turned so conspicuously on the Rove machine before. I don’t recall the Rovers ever being called out as they are being called out presently. Words like “liars” are being thrown around and no one is in an uproar about it except the Ream Team! Even the attack on the press seems to be backfiring this time around. This is truly surprising and I think this is perhaps the doing of the Obama Team. I’d like to think that the reason they gave the Deranged Rovers a hanging curve to swing at was with this desired outcome. And clearly the outcome is an increased vigilance on the part of the Roven Coven to shove their darling Sarah down out throats, ratchet up the rhetoric, tell her to persists with the lies and distortions in order to reinforce with their base that every claim of dishonesty and exaggeration lobbed at her by the media and the Obama team (and the bloggers, etc…) are proof positive that the world is against them and their inherent righteousness as well. But, maybe…just maybe, the media is not going to lay down this time. They dropped the ball in 2000 (and 2001!!!!) not to mention on the Patriot Act and the Bush Doctrines (all of them) etc etc et fucking cetera…and now (God-willing) are going to try to make amends by not so much jumping (back) on-board the Obama train, but at least disembarking from the Straight to Hell Express.

What do you y’all think???




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