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A little fresh air in a throughly polluted election (-:

Charlie Cook of the National Journal wrote: Next came the Democratic convention, which was the political equivalent of a Chinese dinner. It looked, smelled and tasted great; it was a perfectly enjoyable experience — and diners were hungry just a few hours later. As well organized and impressive as the Denver convention was, it’s pretty clear that viewers knew little more about Obama on the Friday after the convention than they did on the Monday morning before it began. The ball was not advanced.

Well, Mr. Cook, and those who agree with the above quote, if you don’t know BO by now, you will never know him, and you probably don’t want to know him or have the often touted “beer” with him. And I began my day today with this piece of “journalism”

Mind you, I am in Japan so I usually get news a little later than you guys in the states.

Then i checked out the following piece: palin-s-favorability-ratings-begin-to-falter.aspx

and like Robin Williams said in “Good Morning, Vietnam” it was like an expresso enema. (-:

I  also found a couple of other great breaths of fresh air. One by Deepak Chopra writing about the psychology of this election and giving a very thoughtful answer to the much asked question from above as well as “Why isn’t Barack doing better in the polls?” question and the often asked “Why doesn’t Barack get tougher, show anger, get “blacker” and so forth and so on.

here’s the link:deepak-chopra-talks-politics

And the other breath of fresh air comes from David Brooks, who has given me a better understanding of what a true conservative sounds like:  16brooks.html?ex=1379304000&en=6122ac6b7f0129a0&ei=5124&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink

And then there was this video…terrible song but I almost like it now(:

Let me know how you feel after you read and watch these, why don’t you? They really made my day (-:


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