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Has McCain “fundamentally” changed his position on deregulation?

I like the way the news is looking recently. Our economic woes don’t necessarily favor Barack, but the gaffes of the McCain campaign definitely do.

And the fact that McCain has to basically disown his party’s rhetoric for over 3 decades and his own personal rhetoric for nearly as long, most definitely helps as well.

I wonder, if McCain somehow pulls this off- convinces the American public that it’s not an economic crisis but simply a “crisis” and that, despite the fact that he has been a staunch supporter and advocate of the policies that got us here, that because of his age, experience, POW status, and temperament,he’s the steward America needs in this and all crises, my question is: Will he regulate or say to hell with regulations, let’s not live in the past?

I wonder if his base even cares.

Actually, Barack has gotten in perhaps his best zinger of the campaign:

He can stump on that for a couple of weeks. I think it has a better shelf life than “Thanks, but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere” or “I put it on Ebay” and it has the rare quality (recently) of truthiness (-:

So, even if McCain has truly decided to become a regulator, which I serious doubt, I hope the public is not as dumb as Bill Maher almost has me convinced we are:

What do you think?

Should we blink?

  1. September 18, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    Yeah, interesting, isn’t it.
    McCain chants the “deregulation” mantra for 20 years, and SUDDENLY, now that the financial abuse chicken come home to roost, and the stock market is crashing, he starts to sing a new tune. He cannot even get himself to say the deregulation word, but wants instead to appoint some kind of slow-moving “commission.”

    You have to wonder why ANYONE would support a candidate who abuses his own fellow countrymen.

    See my blog on Stockholm Syndrome:

  2. expatforobama
    September 19, 2008 at 11:16 am

    One of my best friends is actually a Bush fan and intends to vote for McCain. He’s highly intelligent. But he’s from Texas originally and I think he perhaps still has a lot of that cowboy in his heart. That explains Bush but I still can’t grasp his respect of McCain. I think he just might be anti-Obama for reasons pertaining to some of the questionable things in Obama past and some of the things he intends to do. He mentioned the international poverty fund once. I read about it. Didn’t sound so bad. Better than Bomb bomb bomb Iran that’s for sure

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