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Why doesn’t BO mention the Keating 5???

Perhaps he is saving it for a later date. Or perhaps he’s waiting for the perfect moment when he desperately needs to re-take the offensive. or maybe he’s hoping he never has to go there. Or maybe he’s worried that if he goes there that McCain will go somewhere he doesn’t want to go (though I can’t imagine where that would be)

The timing  is just about perfect for the Keating 5 story to re-emerge. It speaks directly to McCain’s maverick status and his honest to god ideas about reform and regulation. It also explains WHY he got so cozy with the press and decided to dish some Straight Talk.

If the Obama campaign believes that bringing up the Keating 5 incident and the SNL scandal that McCain was so intimately connected with may cause them more damage than that which is dispersed than they must have a very good reason. I mean, I’ve come to trust Axelrod’s strategies and Plouffe’s management. But, Obama says he intends to “respond directly and forcefully with the truth” and I think this qualifies.

Anyway, just my thoughts on the silence regarding the Keating 5, as well as Rachel Maddow’s…(see below)

  1. John S. Long
    September 29, 2008 at 5:02 am

    I really appreciate your post about this. During the debate I kept waiting for Obama to drop the Charles keating bomb. It would have been on point during the discussion of the economic crisis. I have been puzzled for the past few days about why Obama won’t go there. I typed a question about this into a search engine and got you site. I’m dissapointed that you didn’t have an answer, but I’m glad someone else is asking the question.
    The media also seems tentative to bring it up. Maybe Barrack’s team was hoping the media would bring it up so he could “stay positive.”
    Also, do you remember during Bush 1 v. Clinton that no one brought up Bill’s womanizing (which was apparently well known even then)? Apparently, Bill’s people found some dirt on Bush 1 and reached an understanding with the Bush 1 team that womanizing was off limits for both sides.
    Keating 5 seems so relevant here that I have to wonder if some gentleman’s agreement about boundaries isn’t in place. Like you, I have no idea what McCain’s contribution to that bargain would be. (Not bringing up the technicalities Obama used to get elected in Illinois?)
    Thanks for wondering out loud what a lot of people are probably thinking. I’ll check out your site more after this.
    BTW, I’m in Iowa which looked like it would be a contested state. Fortunately it seems like Obama has a pretty solid lead here now. (knock on wood)

  2. John S. Long
    September 29, 2008 at 5:09 am

    Sorry, one more quick thought. Recall McCain’s kind of bizzare behavior since the big bailout got proposed and the economic situation started looking even more precarious? (“Everything’s OK. No, it’s urgent. I need to get back to Washington and can’t debate. Everything’s OK. I guess I can debate.”)
    Maybe the frantic reaction was because the McCain team was terrified of how effective the Keating 5 issue could be given the new mood of the country w/r/t the economy. This would indicate that there is no understanding about off-limits issues.
    In sum, I don’t know.

  3. Joe Crosley
    October 17, 2008 at 12:01 am

    I was waiting to hear BO bring this up last night after McCain brought up Ayers. It would have been a slam dunk as far as I’m concerned. I’m guessing Obama wants to take the high road.

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