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Fish love oil rigs? DOH!

Geez, McCain is losing his fucking mind!!!

He must feel like reality is closing in on him.

The economy is fundamentally…doh!!!

I”m pro Deregula…DOH!

Drill baby dri…DOH!

Governor Palin knows more about energy than anyone in Ameri…DOOOOOHHHHH!

Carly Fiorina (dissappeared surrogate): Palin can’t run a corporation …McCain can’t run a – DOH DOH DOH DOH)

I would have fired the SEC …. DOH DOH DOH

Zapatero isn’t Mexican??? He’s from one of them damn countries in Latin America, isn’t he? No? Europe??? But, that reporter sounded like one of my maids…But I, But I … DOH DOH DOH

Geez, I hope he doesn’t lose his temper this week…he might pull a Cheney and “accidentally” shoot Palin (you know, of the “Palin/McCain” ticket) while they’re out moose hunting and confirming that Alaska produces “20%” of America’s oil and gas. Dohhhh!

I almost feel sorry for him… Maybe cuz he reminds me of…oh, wait, I hated that guy! Doh!

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