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Where can I get a can of Aunt Sarah’s Moose Stew (-:

It ain’t easy being me! I’m a very active mother of 5. In addition to running a state of nearly, roughly, approximately a million people, overseeing the production and distribution of nearly, roughly, approximately 20% of America’s energy, and being Supreme Commander and Strategic Overlord of the Alaskan National Guard poised on the hostile border of America and Russia (Did you see “A few good men”? Well, reduce the temperature by about 150 degrees and you can envision the scenario here. I can actually see those filthy ex-commies from the tanning bed on my veranda) you must be wondering when do I find time to “Pray the gays away,” go Witch hunting with Pastor Muthee, secure earmarks to watch crabs get it on, oversee the construction of the Road to Nowhere, play hockey with the other hockey moms…phew! It’s exhausting just thinking about my life. Well, this is just proof positive that I am ready on day 125 to step into the White House and make the best damn President…oops, I mean vice president this country has ever seen. I really can. Really. It’s true.  Anyway,  being as active as I clearly am can really give you a serious case of the munchies. So, while out shooting Moose with the first Dude (“say heeloo to my leetle friend”), I commanded myself to be creative. Moose Burgers are all the rave here, but a good Moose stew? So, there I was with an AK47 my husband had confiscated from one of those Vodka drinking wanna-be-commie again Viches (ever notice how all their names end in “vich”? We call them Viches in these parts!) on the fence line and a whole lot of money I’d gotten in earmarks for that bridge to nowhere I’d said thanks but no thanks to. Well, I didn’t say no thanks to the money, that’s for sure.  And I thought, wouldn’t it be great to, you know, shoot a moose, put America’s tax dollars to good use (to hell with New Orleans…we all know Katrina was God’s punishment for the wickedness of that sinful city and their tolerance of “the gay”. Ask Pastor Hagee) and make a savory stew out of it. That’s how Aunt Sarah’s Moose Stew was born.

Obama/Biden 08

Everyday, Palin gets spookier and spookier, or is it just me?

more on Palin and her witchhunting pals:

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