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Are we being set up by McCain/Rove?

I’ve noticed some disturbing trends lately and though I haven’t fully analyzed what’s happening- it’s happening so quickly- I know something is going on.

It started not long after the Palin selection. Once the questions began to circulate regarding how thoroughly she’d been vetted.  Was she a wise choice, a cynical choice…was she even his choice? And if not his, whose?  It’s been widely reported that McCain’s close friend Lieberman was his first and true choice, so why the flip? Doesn’t she cancel out McCain’s experience argument? What the hell is he up to?

So, while Palin rabble roused the crowds taking that same convention charm and those same convention lies (thanks but no thanks, I put it on ebay, 20% of US energy is from Alaska) on the road whipping up record crowds (for a republican, and when the numbers weren’t inflated, that is)) into a frenzy, the McCain campaign waged war on the MSM to protect her from candidate stumping questions like “Who is Pastor Muthee? and can you really pray the gay away because my daughter likes ice hockey and rough tackle football and…” or “Who’s the president of Japan? (that’s a trick question…japan has a Prime Minister and currently there isn’t one (-: )  Yes, tough questions had to be put off until the troops were rallied and the candidate had time to go over her Cliff’s Notes. Once the base was fired up, given the raw meat of a liberalized MSM to chew on, and the media properly admonished for a lack of deference for the 1/2 term governor of Alaska, and the lefties bitch slapped with their own rancid sexism,  they released her from the candidate protection program into eager, gaping jaws of the journalistic pit bull: Charlie Gibson? Geezus, why not go straight to O’Reilly or Brokaw. Anyway, that’s not my point.

I think McCain was on such a high that he actually began to believe his own press. He must’ve felt like a genius…”How can I put Country First if I’m not in the White House? First things First! WIN!” It’s a pragmatic yet cynical approach to victory, but it can and may very succeed. I think the American people want a real leader who sticks to his guns no matter their popularity, but that’s just me and I’m not a politician.  Anyway, he was so high, riding this wave of euphoria that his base had finally come home, that he felt he could, well, lie. The press has a long tradition of accepting lies from politicians, especially Republicans (lately) and especially the ones who they imagine might become the next president.

But…well, we know what happened. Sarah kept lying, McCain kept lying, the press kept digging, Palin’s numbers kept falling, and those conservatives who saw through McCain’s blind spot in his acquiescence to whomever recommended this woman, started to talk about it. They fucked up his high but good. And then, something strange happened: Karl Rove joined the ranks of the MSM criticizing McCain.



Is he criticizing his own strategy? The modified kitchen sink? The old “turn every weakness into a strength and vice versa” move? I was stumped! While he was dodging and ignoring congressional subpoenas was he hatching a new strategy? I mean, he is smart enough to know if it’s not broken don’t fix it, which means he might be smart enough to see when shit is broken. Has he conceded that his strategy, while effective  for well over a decade, may have lost some of its kick? And, if so, what’s he up to now?

I suspect THIS is the new strategy: Enable and empower the media to call out McCain on all his bullshit, which they have been doing with greater and greater fervor of late, by flooding the airwaves with it. And then, with a swift move, totally disarm all of them with some crazy event, and then tell the republican base and anyone else that’ll listen, “you see, the MSM is ALL liberal. Don’t Truss It!” And FOX will truly become the only station trustworthy to many people, fair and balanced, and even more popular than it is now. Will Independents fall for this? A few, sure, if every time they turn on MSNBC or CNN or ABC and even PBS and see nothing but stories about how McCain is a slipping and getting old like Sam Donaldson suggested yesterday. Yep, McCain may have been instructed as part of this new strategy to lie his ass off and make the most offensive ads, and act like he’s a little senile, while his staff insidiously work in the race thing he’s been trying to stay directly from.

I guess dragging the race thing directly into this race was inevitable and I have every confidence that Team Obama had anticipated this move. If the speech he gave in Philadelphia during the Reverend Wright nonsense was any indication, he is more than capable to deal with it, but I’m a little concerned.

And I hope I’m wrong.

What do y’all think? Like my girl Rachel says “Somebody talk me down!” )-;

Obama/Biden 08

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