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McCain: From Maverick to Erratic, and since when does erratic mean old??

In a new ad, Obama refers to McCain as “Erratic.”

And then the pundits, all over the media, are saying that Obama is in danger of playing the age card with the usage of this word.

I don’t see the connection. Clearly the meanings of “Old” and “Erratic” are not synonymous. Erratic, to my understanding, is a reference to McCain’s behavior not having any certain or definite course. Sort of a catch as catch can lack of strategy.  For example, you claim you’re shutting down your campaign until the financial crisis is resolved, yet you don’t tell your surrogates cause they’re still spread out around nation hammering away at Obama. Meanwhile you claim to be rushing to Washington on a heroic crusade to get things done and save the nation from economic collapse  and yet you make a detour to chat with Katie Couric and speak to a bunch of millionaires at an event ex-president Clinton held, (and btw, make an enemy of Letterman, a former supporter, by lying to and dissin’ him in the process…) Then, once you finally get to Washington, a little late to save anything, you sit and say nothing. And it only gets worse and more erratic after that. Like Season Two of a sitcom based loosely on “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” entitled McCain: Diary of Dying Campaign

That’s Erratic to me! No connection to age. Hell, the media should be in hot water for even trying to set that fire! Actually suggesting that McCain’s erratic behavior is connected to his age! That’s disrespectful to elderly people, who I’ve found are actually much more patient, much more stable and a great deal wiser than the McCain behavior we’ve had to endure of late.  If anything, I think erratic should be more suggestive of youth than aged. Young people are subject to the kind of behavior generally associated with erratic.

Now, if by old the media is referring to senility, that’s something different. And, THAT should be an issue. If McCain has lost his marbles then that should not be taboo as an issue to put on the table. I mean, we all remember the great Ronald Reagan, who for an indeterminable amount of his presidency must have been dealing with the onset of Alzheimer’s. When he testified before a federal grand jury on the Iran-Contra affair he proved to be mnemonically challenged. In fact, he is credited with inventing the, “I don’t recall” defense. So, we should be wary of having another president presiding over the country but perhaps not presiding over his mental faculties.

Even if it’s not the onset of senility, which i don’t believe it is, but the evolution of a Maverick whose Mavericky war-winning bono fides have proven to be insufficient to take down the son of a former president and who couldn’t find Bin Laden in a room of Krishnas and doesn’t know the difference between WMD and WD-40, and, to make shit shittier, is currently trailing in the polls behind a New Jack senator who (in McCain’s opinion) gives great speech, and has lofty ideas but dines with terrorists and has the depth of Paris Hilton, what does that say about McCain?

No wonder he’s so angry!

The question is does America want or need an erratic, angry, temperamental, sarcastic, war-winning mavericky torture and cancer survivor with a Number 2 with number 2 for brains in the Oval?

What do y’all think?

Obama/Biden 08

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