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Keating 5-The movie: Just a shot across the bow…


Yesterday, on Meet The Press, which hasn’t been the same (and by same I mean impartial and professionally done) since Tim passed, Paul Begala went head to head with Mike Murphy. I really think both of them are genuinely at the top of their game. If Mike Murphy was running the show at the McCain campaign they’d probably be doing better, but who knows. I guess I had renewed respect for him when he, Noonan and Todd got Jesse Jackson hot mike’d and he trashed Palin and the McCain campaign for their cynical pick.

But, yesterday’s MTP belonged to Begala, who uncharacteristically let loose the above threat. I was surprised. it wasn’t smooth. He didn’t let it slip out during a discussion of something related. He had notes on it before him to indicate that the research had been done and that he wanted to get all the wording right. Yes, as a matter of fact, McCain has some really crazy shit in his background too and if that’s where they want to go, Obama ain’t gonna back down (I’m paraphrasing). He must have already known that Obama was going to drop the 13-minute documentary on the Keating Five for he is still connected with the campaign though Obama didn’t let it be known, at least to his supporters, until early Monday morning. begala seemed a little uncomfortable saying it, though. Like he’d been forced into a role he’d hoped he’d never be asked to fill: Mudslinger for Barack.

But, the McCain team has made it crystal clear that they will keep throwing until something sticks. So far I’ve heard: illegal campaign contributions, Ayers, Wright, Farrakhan…

I think Chris Matthews said it best: McCain wants to create the impression that despite the fact that Obama has been in your livingroom for 2 years now, and the media has run a train on him since the beginning of his campaign, he is still mysterious and you should be worried about him. FEAR FEAR FEAR!!! It’s so easy to despise the use of fear as a tactic… I hope people are fed up with it. They deserve to be booed and stoned at Republican rallies for even trying this nonsense again. Not Again, NOT AGAIN! ENOUGH!

This is not Country FIrst, AT ALL! It is First Things First:WIN!

Obama/Biden 08

  1. Greg
    October 8, 2008 at 3:12 am

    McCain is still the same crook he has always been. Ask the VC how honorable he is…. Torture brings out the best in us right???

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