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Son of the Daddy of Conservatism condemns McCain, endorses Obama

Don’t believe me? Check out this article from CNN.

Now, it’s not especially shocking to learn this. Frankly, I have a hard time figuring out how anyone rational continues their support for McCain. The reasons that Christopher Buckley listed for his switch to the democratic party are the same reasons my support for Obama has been unwavering.  It’s just refreshing to see that McCain’s vitriolic rhetoric and erratic behavior are truly losing him support even from his own party. he might disparage these guys as Georgetown elitist but before the hang em’ high posse became the Republican base, back when the RNC produced leaders that at least had ideas that people could support without blatantly disregarding their own and the country’s best interest, these guys were the heart of the party.

Well, the heart of the republican party now, wants to see Obama at the end of a rope. They’re so afraid (thanks to the fear-mongering that the Country First ticket is trying to dial back) of different or change that they’d sooner see blood running in the streets than “an” Obama in the White House.

I don’t like McCain’s methods or ideas. He hasn’t shown me the leadership or the judgment that his experience suggests he possesses. He’s living proof that the two can be mutually exclusive. His negativity leaves something to be desired as well, but mostly it’s his ideas that I disagree with. I don’t believe they are in the best interest of America. However, i would never advocate, participate in, instigate or even tolerate discussions of his being un-American or being killed.

McCain, you have made a tragic mistake! Your campaign has underestimated and humiliated Americans. it has essentially said, “We, the people, are realllly stupid!”

WE (including the above mentioned conservative deserter from your lost cause) are decidedly NOT!


Obama/Biden 08

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