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McCain’s new campaign message: Vote for me, or DIE!!!

McCain can you be any more desperate or dramatic, or any less sincere or honorable? I don’t think so. I don’t think it comes as any surprise to anyone that the next president will be tested. The presidency is all about being tested. Name a president who was not tested. And, if that testing taking pace in the first 6 months is the issue, I’ll address that by asking everyone: Who has been making the grade throughout this election race and who hasn’t? This is a test, hell, a crucible in itself. Every aspect of a candidates character is challenged over the course of a 2 YEAR process. Some campaigns are actually more testing than some presidencies, I’d argue. And at the very least they give us a chance to see how the candidate might respond to the testing he’s sure to face in the Oval office.

Anyway, McCain, I say once again: suspend your campaign, and take Joe-Six pack, Joe the Plumber, Sarah the Disastrous, Ashley the Psycho race-baiting campaign volunteer, Rick the Freddie/Fannie lobbyist, Karl the Has-been Strategic Genius, and, of course, George the Worst President in US history and get the hell out of dodge! We’ll call you if we need advice on where to find Osama (if you decide to cough up the secret plan you have or his location).

thanks again Rachel.

Obama/Biden 08

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