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Sarah Palin: From “Rogue” to “Diva” to “Whack Job!”

Unnamed McCain staffers are lambasting Sarah Palin. 2012 might be her goal now but she’d better do something about these backstabbing staffers first.

Thanks KO

And don’t forget her crazy pastor / witch hunting issues

I don’t think 2012 should be her concern right now.

Obama/Biden 08

  1. made2k
    October 29, 2008 at 7:52 am

    yeah man, i talked about that earlier today too. the republican party is having major issues in these final days before the election. it seems that it gets worse and worse everyday too. in my opinion, palin is power hungry. she thinks she knows more than she really does. lol, like how she thought the VP was the leader of the senate. i think palin is a mess, and maybe the worst thing john mccain did. yes she is a fighter, but she fights the wrong way. America is taking her blows and throwing them all back at her.

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