McCain’s last hope of victory: Drill baby Drill…

McCain can still win this election! Why? Because He knows things!

He knows how to win wars, he knows how to fix the economy, he knows how to catch Bin Laden, he knows who the bad guys are, he knows their names, he knows everything America needs to get back on the right track. He’s been around more blocks more times than most of us can imagine. He might not look like a leader, talk like a leader, act like a leader, inspire like a leader or even lead like a leader, but he knows things.

And, make no mistake about it: He knows fear, anger and hate can save his campaign.

Isn’t it ironic that his solution to the energy crisis is the same solution he (and his staff of Karl Rove disciples and former lobbyists) came up with to energize his campaign? Drill, Baby, Drill! It’s simplicity in itself. There’s a mother lode of crude oil off the shores of America and a mother lode of crude ignorance right here between its shores. Both, just waiting for the steady hand at the till (or on the drill) that McCain asserts he has. The political will to do the deed that needs doing.

Sure, drilling offshore carries increased environmental risks. But, the time for caution has passed. Haven’t you been to a gas station lately? We’re in a serous crisis! No time to worry about consequences. It’s time for action, not talk. Oh no, not talk! And, yes, drilling for fear, and refining that fear into hate carries risks as well. But, the time for tiptoeing around sensitive racial wounds has passed. Haven’t you seen the polls? His campaign is in a serious Crisis! No time to worry about consequences. It’s time to bring this thing to a head!

Why? Because winning isn’t everything…but it’s McCain’s thing. And he knows how to do it!

McCain knows deep (sometimes not so deep) in the minds and hearts of many Americans, beneath the love, compassion and reverence we have for our family, friends, God(s) and country, beneath the pride and presumptuousness of living in the “greatest country on earth”, beneath the shame and disgrace of being slaves to material things and humbled by a band of cave-dwelling cowards, even beneath the selfishness and self-destructiveness that allows us to turn a blind eye on the havoc our quest to prove we are blessed and we know best has wreaked and the detrimental environmental impact our way of life has had on the rest of the world, there is a mother lode of fear.

McCain knows that in order to achieve the preeminence that America currently holds, we’ve had to do a lot of dirt. America’s so-called best interest has often conflicted with the best interest of other countries, and just as often with that of her own citizens. Thus crimes have been committed. Crimes against other countries, crimes against her own citizens, crimes against humanity, crimes against nature as well as against Natural law. We are guilty, at least our government is, and we’ve usually tacitly or passionately supported it (the alternative: being labeled unpatriotic or un-American), or sat on the sidelines apathetically, though sometimes in ignorance of just how dirty we are. But, McCain knows it. He knows where all the bodies are buried. He knows we have been wrong much more often than we have been right, even by our own moral standards.

Thus, as a sort of a comeuppance, a self-inflicted punishment, we have amassed a deep well of debilitating, yet energizing fear. This fear is the consummate WMD. The WMD that actually manufactures other WMDs, like some crazy scene from “The Terminator” of machines building machines. it’s a fear of the loss of the ill-gotten gains we’ve come to hold dear, fear that we may not be, as we profess, the greatest source for good in the world but just another country trying do what’s best to grow its own economy and preserve its way of life, fear of paying the piper, fear of the envy and jealousy and hate that we inspire, fear of the vengeance we’re oh so certain will be attempted against us again and again and again.

Why? Because they hate our way of life? I’m not so sure that’s a reason to attack the most powerful country on earth. But, wouldn’t we seek vengeance if someone committed crimes against us? We would never stop until victory was ours. We would do anything! We have done anything already. I live in the country where retribution has had one of its most horrific manifestations yet: Japan. And, if we’ve done it, thereby teaching the world what retribution looks like, why shouldn’t others do it? So, yes, the fear is deep and festering…

…and very powerful. And, lucky for us, McCain knows how to tap right into that Power source. He knows how to set up the rigs and he’s great at giving orders: drill, baby, drill! Drill into the souls of Americans who have been trying to move forward and away from America’s dark past of crippling conflict and deadly divisiveness, from an America stagnated by apathy and cynicism, haunted by racism and terrorism, reeling from Bush / Cheney-styled fascism, isolated by arrogant and saber-rattling diplomacy.  An America that is virtually limping towards the promising portrait of an America they’ve yearned for, the one that they’ve recently been inspired to envision; an America where, as Franklin Roosevelt put it when he was the chosen leader, there’s truly nothing to fear but fear itself.

Drill, Baby Drill…

McCain’s gambling appetite is well known. And, he’s gambled that if he can plant enough seeds of xenophobia, racism and plain old Karl Rove deception into the minds of vulnerable voters, he can get enough of them to go to the polls thinking “Oh, my god! What am I doing? He’s Black, for chrissakes! Can I really trust him? Is he really a terrorist sympathizer? His middle name is Hussein…is he related to Saddam (and Cheney?), is he a Muslim, an Osama Bin Laden sleeper agent, a Marxist, a Socialist, a friend of Hamas, advised and supported by awful, radical, criminal black people like Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Franklin Raines. And his wife, That One! She should consider herself lucky to be born in a country that would even consider trying to even the playing field and give her the opportunity to get that education of hers…and she has the nerve to say she wasn’t proud to be an American???How dear her!!! Ungrateful, angry, black…person! and she doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the White House, etc…

…and reap the rewards of the so-called Bradley Effect.

That crazy Maverick! What the hell was he thinking? Doesn’t he know that people are fed up with that kind of nonsense? That it’s the economy people care about, not the culture war? That people are looking for a leader with good ideas, who can at least make them believe that things will get better? That a drowning person is not going to check to see if his or her rescuer is the same race, or has the same religion?

But, stupid, naive me.  Eureka! Pay dirt. The Mother lode!

Some of these people, I imagine, are always like this, and have no intention of being any other way, ever. Some of them have been incited by the propaganda spewed by the RNC, and its current leader, John Sidney McCain. Both have taken to the streets. I’m apprehensive about going to my favorite news websites these days. As the pages are loading I feel a tension. I half-expect to see a photo of a bonfire with an effigy of Obama at its center, and a bunch of these people dancing around it chanting “USA…USA…USA! Drill, baby Drill!”

Sure, the economy, perhaps unfairly, favors Obama. Not that he has a solution to the economic woes that confront us, but he has the good fortune of not being associated with the party being held responsible for this mess. Sure, McCain’s temperament appears to be working against him. Whereas anger at the state of the economy is justifiable from the people who are footing the bill for the hedonism on Wall Street, it doesn’t serve a presidential candidate well, especially if it’s perceived to be directed at his opponent for no good reason, when the country is looking for “a steady hand on the till.”

But, I tell you, McCain can still win this election! He once said Obama is willing to lose a war to win an election. (Actually he said quite it few times.) McCain, however, has nothing to lose. The Maverick in him died years ago. He’s just a shell of his former self.  He has already died inside. But, he still knows how to win! He’s a winner. Can you smell what the winner is cooking?

Call it the Keyser Soze effect: in the final days of this election, McCain is attempting to redefine the reality of everything that has gone on before. Two years ago “Who is Obama?” was a valid question. But now? Due to Wall Street greed and Congressional undersight– both parties filthy with complicity- the economy is in bad shape, but is that reality? Or is it the infiltration into our vulnerable electoral system of outside influences like Hamas- supporting and contributing to Obama’s campaign, or Al-Queada sleeper agents awakening in the Senate and running for president? (Damn, wasn’t that a movie?) Or, the liberal-elitist MSM (he’s really gotta be kidding with that one!) who do more stories about Obama than himself (nevermind that their mostly negative. Well at least they used to be until you managed to fulfill your own prophecy by giving them too much negativity to ignore it any longer without exposing what seems to me to be their clear bias for you-Except Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman, Jack Caffertty and Chris Matthews, of course.) McCain’s behavior has been erratic for quite some time now. Or has it? We simply didn’t recognize the ice cold deceptive logic of it. He was simply pretending to be mentally crippled to evoke, by contrast, fear of the cold calculating and wicked mind “That One” possesses.

The most dangerous man is the one with nothing to lose.  If McCain loses he’ll never get a third shot. And he has managed to place himself in a position where both sides of his party are a little fed up with him. Too erratic for the George Wills’ and too…pussy…for the Rush Limbaughs and the base. Only the Neo-Cons like him for he’s definitely pro-more war.  If Obama loses, he might run again, and even if he doesn’t he’ll still be a force to be reckoned with in the party if he plays his cards right, and he’s nothing if not careful.

So, which one of these men is going to win? Obama, of course. Even if he loses the election his way he still wins.  But, that’s not the question. The question is: what if McCain wins his way. Well, we’ve managed to survive two Bush terms. Perhaps we’ll survive a McCain/Palin term or two. I don’t think they represent Armageddon or anything. Just more warmongering and stupidity in the Oval. Just more of the same. And after the culture / race war that McCain will have ignited comes to an end and Americans can once again try to rise from the ashes, perhaps the country will look the way McCain would envision it looking if he had a vision beyond one of himself accomplishing his long held ambition of being President.

Perhaps he’ll look around at the consequences of what he’d tapped into in order to achieve the presidency and say: “My God! What the fuck was I thinking???”

Obama/Biden ’08


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