Rachel Maddow: The REAL C.J. Cregg!!!

When I watch Rachel Maddow, I think of Claudia Jean Cregg on my all time favorite show, West Wing. C.J. was beautiful, highly intelligent, knew what she knew and what she didn’t know, had personality and charm, witty, clever, engaging, almost transparently honest and forthcoming. But, she was just a character on a TV show, Creator Aaron Sorkin’s wet dream of a Press Secretary, based loosely on Dee Dee Myers, former Clinton Press Secretary.

But, Rachel is the real thing, in my opinion, and I think she would make a PERFECT press secretary for a President Obama, if he should win.

I have no idea if she would be interested in serving her country in this manner. I remember in an episode in the second season the story of how C.J. became Press Secretary for President Bartlett was told in flashbacks. At the time Toby came to recruit her to work for Bartlett For America she had just gotten fired from her job as a PR exec making a six figure salary. Toby offered her a low 5-figure salary in return for her skills and talents. I’m sure, between both a highly successful TV show and a radio show, Maddow is raking in Mad Doe. So, her pay cut would be HUGE as well.

But, if there should be an Obama administration, and with this insane Bailout having been passed, he will have significant challenges to overcome in order to implement the programs that he has been promising and to bring about the change America will have elected him to make. It would behoove him to have close at hand the best advisers a government salary can buy. And, an integral part of that advisory team would be a Press secretary who has shown that he or she clearly understands the issues, is respected, can forge a rapport with the Press so that information is disseminated to the public in an efficient and thoughtful way, has the energy to fight the good fight, not afraid to Speak Truth to Power, not afraid to disagree with the Left Wing nor the Right Wing nor even the West Wing…I’m sure if Rachel is reading this she’s thinking: Me, me, me, and that’s me too.

It’s probably to much to hope for but if I were Obama I’d make Rachel an offer she couldn’t refuse: A chance to not only report history, but to be a part of history, to help forge, from day one, the kind of administration that most of us have never seen, and perhaps the world has never seen. She obviously feels very strongly about this. I hear she’s already gotten the reputation as being the hardest working person at MSNBC. And, your faithful viewers do appreciate the amazing results thus far. But a talent and an intellect such as yours could actually be better suited in making policy than reporting on it.

Just a thought…

What do y’all think?

Here’s a nice pic of her and my boy KO (-: What a team!

for more info on Rachel check out her official website

or go to her airamerica website

  1. March 14, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    You are so right! At the risk of sounding as geeky and wonky as I really am, I thought the same thing about the similarities myself. Love the idea – Rachel would have made a great real-life press secretary. Gotta love it when a smart woman can hold her own with the big boys like KO! Terrific post.

    • March 15, 2009 at 2:45 am

      Thanks Momma! Too bad it didn’t come to pass, but it would have been nice!

      God, it seems like ages since i wrote this post…glad to know people are still reading and enjoying my work! (-;

  2. April 5, 2009 at 7:07 am

    Not sure how I wound up here, but sharp writing and great content will bring ’em back every time! Keep up the good work.

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