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Fish love oil rigs? DOH!

September 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Geez, McCain is losing his fucking mind!!!

He must feel like reality is closing in on him.

The economy is fundamentally…doh!!!

I”m pro Deregula…DOH!

Drill baby dri…DOH!

Governor Palin knows more about energy than anyone in Ameri…DOOOOOHHHHH!

Carly Fiorina (dissappeared surrogate): Palin can’t run a corporation …McCain can’t run a – DOH DOH DOH DOH)

I would have fired the SEC …. DOH DOH DOH

Zapatero isn’t Mexican??? He’s from one of them damn countries in Latin America, isn’t he? No? Europe??? But, that reporter sounded like one of my maids…But I, But I … DOH DOH DOH

Geez, I hope he doesn’t lose his temper this week…he might pull a Cheney and “accidentally” shoot Palin (you know, of the “Palin/McCain” ticket) while they’re out moose hunting and confirming that Alaska produces “20%” of America’s oil and gas. Dohhhh!

I almost feel sorry for him… Maybe cuz he reminds me of…oh, wait, I hated that guy! Doh!


Has McCain “fundamentally” changed his position on deregulation?

September 18, 2008 2 comments

I like the way the news is looking recently. Our economic woes don’t necessarily favor Barack, but the gaffes of the McCain campaign definitely do.

And the fact that McCain has to basically disown his party’s rhetoric for over 3 decades and his own personal rhetoric for nearly as long, most definitely helps as well.

I wonder, if McCain somehow pulls this off- convinces the American public that it’s not an economic crisis but simply a “crisis” and that, despite the fact that he has been a staunch supporter and advocate of the policies that got us here, that because of his age, experience, POW status, and temperament,he’s the steward America needs in this and all crises, my question is: Will he regulate or say to hell with regulations, let’s not live in the past?

I wonder if his base even cares.

Actually, Barack has gotten in perhaps his best zinger of the campaign:

He can stump on that for a couple of weeks. I think it has a better shelf life than “Thanks, but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere” or “I put it on Ebay” and it has the rare quality (recently) of truthiness (-:

So, even if McCain has truly decided to become a regulator, which I serious doubt, I hope the public is not as dumb as Bill Maher almost has me convinced we are:

What do you think?

Should we blink?

A little fresh air in a throughly polluted election (-:

September 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Charlie Cook of the National Journal wrote: Next came the Democratic convention, which was the political equivalent of a Chinese dinner. It looked, smelled and tasted great; it was a perfectly enjoyable experience — and diners were hungry just a few hours later. As well organized and impressive as the Denver convention was, it’s pretty clear that viewers knew little more about Obama on the Friday after the convention than they did on the Monday morning before it began. The ball was not advanced.

Well, Mr. Cook, and those who agree with the above quote, if you don’t know BO by now, you will never know him, and you probably don’t want to know him or have the often touted “beer” with him. And I began my day today with this piece of “journalism”

Mind you, I am in Japan so I usually get news a little later than you guys in the states.

Then i checked out the following piece: palin-s-favorability-ratings-begin-to-falter.aspx

and like Robin Williams said in “Good Morning, Vietnam” it was like an expresso enema. (-:

I  also found a couple of other great breaths of fresh air. One by Deepak Chopra writing about the psychology of this election and giving a very thoughtful answer to the much asked question from above as well as “Why isn’t Barack doing better in the polls?” question and the often asked “Why doesn’t Barack get tougher, show anger, get “blacker” and so forth and so on.

here’s the link:deepak-chopra-talks-politics

And the other breath of fresh air comes from David Brooks, who has given me a better understanding of what a true conservative sounds like:  16brooks.html?ex=1379304000&en=6122ac6b7f0129a0&ei=5124&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink

And then there was this video…terrible song but I almost like it now(:

Let me know how you feel after you read and watch these, why don’t you? They really made my day (-:


So, is this the turning point?

September 14, 2008 Leave a comment

I can’t recall if the media ever turned so conspicuously on the Rove machine before. I don’t recall the Rovers ever being called out as they are being called out presently. Words like “liars” are being thrown around and no one is in an uproar about it except the Ream Team! Even the attack on the press seems to be backfiring this time around. This is truly surprising and I think this is perhaps the doing of the Obama Team. I’d like to think that the reason they gave the Deranged Rovers a hanging curve to swing at was with this desired outcome. And clearly the outcome is an increased vigilance on the part of the Roven Coven to shove their darling Sarah down out throats, ratchet up the rhetoric, tell her to persists with the lies and distortions in order to reinforce with their base that every claim of dishonesty and exaggeration lobbed at her by the media and the Obama team (and the bloggers, etc…) are proof positive that the world is against them and their inherent righteousness as well. But, maybe…just maybe, the media is not going to lay down this time. They dropped the ball in 2000 (and 2001!!!!) not to mention on the Patriot Act and the Bush Doctrines (all of them) etc etc et fucking cetera…and now (God-willing) are going to try to make amends by not so much jumping (back) on-board the Obama train, but at least disembarking from the Straight to Hell Express.

What do you y’all think???




What’s BO up to?

September 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Of course he knew that people would draw comparisons between the use of lipstick on a pit bull and lipstick on a pig. So I gotta think he meant to get this attention so he could call out the McCain campaign on their cynicism. How wise this is? I can’t say. I know the Karl Rove Machine is good at this stuff…in fact, great at this stuff! So, he either has decided to take them on and out flank them somehow, or he has found a blind spot in their tactics, or he has an ace up his sleeve that he expects will trump the Joker I’m sure they have up theirs, or he’s been manipulated into playing their game and doesn’t realize it (the true genius of Rove) or…fuck I don’t know. I’ve never been good at Chess. I’m more of a Space Invaders kind of guy.

I’m afraid to think that he has placed his faith in the good sense of the American People because well…y’all know why. If he has, God help him. Or, rather, people help him, cuz if Sarah’s right, God is busy guiding our troops to this as yet to be defined victory in Iraq.

I just had a thought: Maybe this is a ploy on his part to actually get the media (aside from Keith and Rachel) to stand up to Republican terrorism tactics and actually say something negative about the type of campaign  Republicans are running. Maybe he’s trying to coerce and /or inspire the media to say “Enough!!” too. I mean after what I saw in that Oreilly interview (Oreilly actually appeared to be impressed and, dare I say, charmed and/or engaging), hell has not only ice cubes but ski resorts and slushies for all.

peace and love (-:

Game on!

September 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Well, this is not my first go at keeping a blog, but I’m gonna do it this time!

I just responded to an entry that referred to Senator McCain as a pedophile for his ad distorting Senator Obama’s advocacy of teaching kids how to know the difference between good tuch and bad touch. If you haven’t seen the ad yet here it is:

I wrote in response to this entry the following:

I think Obama is going to have to respond a little more forcefully on
this one. A little outrage is warranted here. I know he’s a cool
customer and he’s probably saving the haymakers for the debates but
that statement his “spokesperson” released, albeit strong, was a little
on the “I won’t let you drag me down to your level” tip and in this
Cultural War that he simply can’t pretend is not WELL underway, that
won’t cut it. The Republicans are desperate and coming at him with the
kitchen sink in anticipation of being floored during the debates. He
can’t come out of the debates having just pulled it back up to even.
he’s gotta (at least I think, and I’m no Axelrod by any stretch of the
imagination) have a substantial lead come October to pull this thing
I just wanted to give you a full throated response. I think calling
McCain a pedophile (if Obama did it I mean) would be just about an
appropriate response to that sordid ad but it would kill him in the
culture war. Karl Rove and companyare just too good at what they do and
are clearly trying to bait him into the kind of politics they thrive
in! He’s shown the patience of (Job? Not too up on my bible references)
or Ghandi (comparatively and now is not the time to lose it. He’s going
to have to continue to be what he said today the Bush Administration
should be: Tough but smart!

Comments are welcomed! (I think)